July 2012

Using Rack Focus

by dfilm

Part of the beauty of the shallow depth of field that you can get with these new HD-DSLR cameras is that you can cause the viewer to look EXACTLY where you want them to by adjusting the focus accordingly. An in focus foreground causes the viewers to “focus” on the foreground. An in focus background with an out of focus foreground cause more attention to be paid to the background. Read more and watch the video…


Color balancing is critical for getting good footage out of your camera. While today’s modern video cameras and DSLRs do have good auto balance but they only work about 75% of the time. Often if you leave things to the Auto White Balance you will do a lot of post color correcting. Follow along as I show you how to get perfect color renditions from your camera. [click to continue…]


In this episode I take a look at how to get that rich, deep (shallow actually) Depth of Field in three easy steps. This is a basic approach that will [click to continue…]


DSLR Video Setup & Shoot (Basic)

July 10, 2022

In this article I’ll walk you through a very basic setup to get the very best video. It doesn’t take a lot to get fantastic quality video from your DSLR! By the way. I use DSLR and HDSLR interchangeably. Some folks refer to digital SLR cameras that shoot video as HDSLR cameras. I like that […]

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Affordable Camera Shootout

July 5, 2022

In this episode I take a look at some “Affordable” video cameras. You know, the cameras that everyone has been talking about and can’t live without. Canon T2i Kodak PlayTouch (Zi10) GoPro Hero2 Apple iPhone 4s In this totally non scientific test, I take these cameras out into some pretty harsh environments, high noon in […]

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