June 2012

Available July 15
Cost = $FREE

Magic Lantern is an add on software for Canon DSLR cameras. It turns your camera into a fully functioning production camera with plenty of bells and whistles including:

  • AGC defeat
  • Left / Right / Stereo audio with independent inputs, gain controls and meters
  • Focus helpers including pop up zoom, focus peak, follow focus, rack focus
  • Metering including Histogram, waveform, Zebras, False Color
  • Still camera features include Intervalometer, Audio Remote Trigger, Motion Detect
  • And much more…

This series of training videos will take you step by step through the Magic Lantern software including installation and best settings for your camera. Get on the mailing list to secure your spot!

Photo Credit: Esther Gibbons

It seems only fitting that the inaugural blog post for dFilmSchool cover the main reasons to buy a HDSLR (or DSLR that shoots HD video). I’ve been shooting for over 20 years and love what I can do with an HDSLR camera. It have plenty of advantages and a few significant limitations. For every limitation there are plethora solutions and workarounds.

So here are the top 10 reasons to buy an HDSLR camera. [click to continue…]


Available August 1
Cost = $47

The Zoom H4n has quickly become the go-to digital audio recorder for the HDSLR crowd.

Proper miking is essential to making a great recording. The H4n is the only handheld recorder that allows recording on four channels simultaneously by using your own external mics with its onboard mics. Use its built-in mixer to blend the channels for perfectly balanced recordings of extraordinary depth and clarity.

We will cover

  • Dual System Audio Overview
  • Optimal settings
  • Proper micing techniques
  • Using the H4n with your lavaliere
  • Using the H4n a a Boom Mic
  • File Folders
  • Mixing
  • Shooting ENG style
  • Syncing

The H4n by Zoom really rocks for HDSLR shooters. This is a full up ENG Dual System training course. Get on the mailing list to secure your spot!

Basic Lighting for Digital Film

June 24, 2022

Available August 15 Cost = $97 Proper lighting techniques are essential to a successful shoot. Not only that, but a well lit and well balanced shoot will save you HOURS in the post production suite. This tutorial will cover: Color Temperature Balancing Your Camera Key Light Fill Light Rim Light Background Light Dealing with Sunlight […]

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