Using the Zoom H4n

by dfilm

Available August 1
Cost = $47

The Zoom H4n has quickly become the go-to digital audio recorder for the HDSLR crowd.

Proper miking is essential to making a great recording. The H4n is the only handheld recorder that allows recording on four channels simultaneously by using your own external mics with its onboard mics. Use its built-in mixer to blend the channels for perfectly balanced recordings of extraordinary depth and clarity.

We will cover

  • Dual System Audio Overview
  • Optimal settings
  • Proper micing techniques
  • Using the H4n with your lavaliere
  • Using the H4n a a Boom Mic
  • File Folders
  • Mixing
  • Shooting ENG style
  • Syncing

The H4n by Zoom really rocks for HDSLR shooters. This is a full up ENG Dual System training course. Get on the mailing list to secure your spot!

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